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Wanted: Lies and an early Death

If you speak with someone and the say do you believe there is life on other planets and if there are aliens that have visited or visit our world, many will say, sure. Try convincing them that you know for a fact they do. This is what it is like to explain the detriments on the land, air, water and the human beings on this planet. Oh they believe, but will let the probing and experimentation continue, because we as a human race are out to kill ourselves and allow ourselves to be killed.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends the sets nutritional guidelines for our soldiers, children in schools, and our society, established in 1956, the Food Groups, and then the Food Pyramid in 1992…which all of you are familiar. The committees and government organizations where our information and influencers originate concerning our health. They used to be funded by the public and now are mostly corporate funded to influence the results and recommendations that best suits them to make money.  The absurd conflict of interest and the biased these committees and organizations, including the government agencies that work for the people is killing those people. And, until we die, lets make money on the unhealthy collaboration they have established. There is no money to be made (not enough anyway) in healthy people or dead people.

Is the answer simple, as whole food, plant based diet? I thought about meat and milk this week and considered the 500,000 coronary heart bypass surgeries costing over $50,000,000,000/yr, Of course we need the protein and calcium, and we all know that. Although the animal protein consumption increased, liver cancer and heart disease has noticeably increased as well.

1978, Kenya breast cancer was 82% lower than the U.S. that year

1958, Japan prostate cancer cases totaled 18 diagnosed that year

1970, China heart disease was 12 times lower than the U.S. that year

A study of occupied Norway during the WWII revealed that prior to the occupation, the recorded heart disease was around 24 per 10,000 people up to 31/10,000 at 1940. After the Nazi regime and had taken most all of their animals (tobacco and other items) for their own use in an during the period of  1941-1944, the number for the next few years dropped to around 24/10,000.  Understand, there are other factors like additional physical activity due to the occupation and other lifestyle changes.   If you believe your health is dependent on your genes and family history, you are a victim. Nutrition is not this vitamin, this nutrient, it is a comprehensive intake of all the right foods to sustain and maintain our body.

Unfortunately in today’s environment we live to do as little as we can and still have all we can at our easiest convenience. Which, as far as food goes, it is more processed and contains less actual nutritionally valuable content. Which leads to a hunger satisfaction that is greater, and a nutritionally less fullness. This leads us to desire more, which has led to our great epidemic of disgustingly fat people in the U.S. So let’s not call it fat, and let’s accept them as full figured and overlook the issue. DO NOT get me wrong, I am not blaming them totally. It is hard to see through all of the lies and bullshit the health, food processing, and government institutions are feeding us. But it is no excuse! We are not blind and disabled in the sense we do not have the ability to know and do what is good for us.

Let me remind you. Do nothing and you will pay! Your children will pay. Take the time, do what is needed in this misleading society and it will become easier. Just like anything you do regularly, it will become second nature, and you will find ways to make it less time consuming. People will notice and ask questions about what is different with you. Then, take that opportunity to help them help themselves.

One last note; we drink mothers milk as an infant because a mother was designed to feed her child with what God has provided her. At a point, we stop feeding on mom. So, is it natural for us to start drinking the milk from a cat, dog, moose, or horse?  Of course not, let’s drink it from a cow. Huh, that’s much better. (Kidding, if you’re confused)


Raised on a 20 acre farm with all the animals in rural Indiana. I picked up rocks out of farm field before planting season, cooked in a pancake house for a couple years, worked in a factory, joined the Navy, back to the factory then College. I took for granted the simple natural (and unnatural) foods we grew that we raised, and the snacks and cereals we bought. I had a hard working mother I love, even now that she is gone, and a there but not there father. It went by so fast. I sincerely believe we can reintroduce the local farms that sustain and bring together communities. I am looking for sincere individuals to assist me with pursuing my passion to bring a business model to community, prove concept and make it work. Then reeducate the generations.

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