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Future History II

Future History II

I have to remember that the things I was able to do in the past, the things I actually did in the past, actually happened.  I believe that is true for most all of us (for some of us, we may not remember for health reasons).  It seems silly to say this because DUH, of course!  My point is that whether you came from a small town as I did or larger town or a big city, things were different and in most cases simpler years ago.  We got along with a push button or rotary phone that hung on the wall or sat on a table in the living room.  And, when we were out, we didn’t call you.  We may drop by unexpectedly more often, well received or not.

Little by little, convenience grew faster and faster and we got lazier and lazier.  It is easy and it creeps up on you.  I believe that convenience can and does take away from the experiences and qualities that the inconveniences bring on.

For example; my mom is extremely hard working, even now at 80, she maintains a 20 acre farm, mowing, 1 acre garden, building things, managing an apartment complex for a while, cutting down trees with a chainsaw… and she wouldn’t have it any other way until she gets tired.  The feeling of accomplishment is good.

For example; repairing your own car, even if it is just changing the spark plugs or oil.  Sure you had to go get the parts, find the tools and take time away from what you may normally be doing.  But, you did it yourself, and you will probably tell somebody (or not) and feel good about doing it.

Over 150 years ago a man named Joe (“the real”) McCoy found an inconvenience that others had and begun capitalizing on it.  Cattle.  This may not be the beginning, but he grew the cattle operations to become the largest modern day problem we have today.  Recall;

  • 91 million acres of corn crops to feed 80% of the cattle we eat or drink their milk
  • Between 20-40% of the nutrients are naturally gone from the land
  • Extremely high numbers of species of plant & animal are extinct because of single crop land over use
  • Extremely high output of cattle fecal matter destroying land, air and water
  • Non nutritional corn byproducts bombarding nearly every produced item on a store shelf
  • Cancer, obesity, childhood and infant diseases, disorders and syndromes directly or indirectly caused by all of the above
  • Health care and pharmaceuticals benefiting from all of the above
  • Government overregulation and restrictions on the small local business attempting to provide healthy options

The above is the price of convenience that 150 years ago, could not even be imagined.  With the ever growing population, we developed convenience because someone could profit from it.  Just like the Real McCoy did, and it has not stopped.  Convenience and profit has overlooked the human being.  My next series of blogs will be an attempt to establish a working model for small to medium rural towns to sustain not only themselves with the food and health they deserve, but also their desperate need for Better, some inconvenience can and used to bring.


Raised on a 20 acre farm with all the animals in rural Indiana. I picked up rocks out of farm field before planting season, cooked in a pancake house for a couple years, worked in a factory, joined the Navy, back to the factory then College. I took for granted the simple natural (and unnatural) foods we grew that we raised, and the snacks and cereals we bought. I had a hard working mother I love, even now that she is gone, and a there but not there father. It went by so fast. I sincerely believe we can reintroduce the local farms that sustain and bring together communities. I am looking for sincere individuals to assist me with pursuing my passion to bring a business model to community, prove concept and make it work. Then reeducate the generations.

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