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Unlearned & Wasted

I just heard the top 3 things that are being forgotten how to do are; Shining shoes, fixing a dripping faucet and changing the oil in your car.  It happens slowly over time and generations, we forget to teach or we don’t have time or it becomes easier for someone else to do it for us.  We cannot afford to provide for our family because the small farm we had to provide food and chores and work ethic for our family, all the while creating family time as a unit, supported by a factory job is nearly gone.

I have been writing my blog for nearly a year now and I have been trying to reach out, have people hear what’s wrong, and all the while remembering what was, and in many places, still right.  The right people, in the right places still exist.  They have been sidetracked, disillusioned by the societal advances in to thinking the hard work, chores and effort couldn’t exist in the new technology age.  Not true.  This is an opportunity to incorporate both.

I have recently came across a finely written 2007 article by Diane Comey titled “A Deeper Look at CAFOs”.  Diane clearly and succinctly lays out the areas of concern I have stated this year, with a more comprehensive look at the politics of the CAFO’s and the large producers, and the negative socio-economic effect of CAFO.  Thank you Diane!

Now, think about this, in a 2001 study from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) concerning the food losses in the growth to plate (or growth to dump).  Referenced in Nov 18th 2016 blog

Food Consumed vs. Food Loss:  Measured from farm to production, transportation, to stores and consumer waste

  • Grains = 38% loss
  • Seafood = 50% loss
  • Fruits & Vegetables = 52% loss
  • Meat = 22% loss
  • Milk = 20% loss

This is a very comprehensive study to indicate losses in various stages of the food growth to the table.  It not only points out the issues, but the areas where there has been creative cost and food saving techniques.  There is a small local farmer incentive that directly relates to many of the areas and concerns I have been writing about.  Distance from the consumer is a major waste criteria.  Not only from the farm to the processing plant, but from the plant to the store and in-store waste.

Perhaps we can consider the large powerful corporations that contractually bind and force good meaning small farmers of fruits and vegetables, just as corrupt as the CAFO.  Just as the animal confined, the fruit and vegetable is confined to the corporation, just to be distributed back to the communities from which they came.  Processed and refined, taking out much of the nutrients, and wasted along the way.

This again reinforces the thought of keeping the locally grown produce, more local or regional to create a sustainable food, land, water and most of all a community that will thrive just because it exists in that way.  And I do not just mean a community will thrive.  The Husbands, the Wives, the boys and girls, families and neighbors will truly become healthy and well inhabitants of our earth, and become the good stewards of the place God put under our care.


Raised on a 20 acre farm with all the animals in rural Indiana. I picked up rocks out of farm field before planting season, cooked in a pancake house for a couple years, worked in a factory, joined the Navy, back to the factory then College. I took for granted the simple natural (and unnatural) foods we grew that we raised, and the snacks and cereals we bought. I had a hard working mother I love, even now that she is gone, and a there but not there father. It went by so fast. I sincerely believe we can reintroduce the local farms that sustain and bring together communities. I am looking for sincere individuals to assist me with pursuing my passion to bring a business model to community, prove concept and make it work. Then reeducate the generations.

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