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A couple days ago I was reviewing tweets from Dr. Kris Held & supporting comments by Dr. Liza Dunn related to the conversation how non-medical or non-Ag people think they can write policy for healthcare and farming.  Is the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) to influence the Annual U.S. Farm Bill Legislation?  Dr. Held & Dunn are concerned with Non-Ag influence the 2018 Farm Bill by presenting food and nutrition recommendations as it concerns farming.

Dr. Held & Dunn also disputes, denies or is contrary to belief in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) findings in their studies in the relationship of proximities and exposures to pesticides in the prenatal stages.   While the agreement or disagreement on how autism is caused, or if there are increases discovered and verified or at least a discovery of potential patterns which may or lead to the development if autism. See the Scientific Journal The Real Reasons Autism Rates Are Up in the U.S.

The Farm Bill if influenced and produced by non-Ag individuals, by supporting research from JAMA, BMJ, Scientific America… which are all recognized in their own right as respected portals of information and bringing forth awareness for the wellness of the human being.  Keep that in mind.  This is not solely about the Farmer, the earth, the human being.  It has to be and should be about the human being.  Everything else MUST be in sync to function well.  It is simple, and not simple at all.

Here are a few items in the US Farm Bill.

‘‘SEC. 1543B. INTERNATIONAL FOOD SECURITY TECHNICAL 21 ASSISTANCE. 22 ‘‘(a) DEFINITION OF INTERNATIONAL FOOD SECU-23 RITY.—In this section, the term ‘international food security’ means access by any person at any time to food and nutrition that is sufficient for a healthy and productive life.

  1. Harness America’s agricultural abundance to support nutrition assistance for those truly in need
  2. Strengthen the integrity and efficiency of food and nutrition programs
  3. Better serve and protect American taxpayers by reducing waste, fraud and abuse
  4. Assure the scientific integrity of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  5. Support nutrition policies and programs that are science based and data driven with clear and measurable outcomes
  6. Commit to a public research agenda that places the U.S at the forefront of food and agriculture scientific development.
  7. An impact evaluation approach, including the use of industry pane
  8. To align research priorities
  9. To invest in high priority innovation, technology, and education networks.
  10. Empower public-private partnerships to increase capacity, investments in infrastructure for modern food and agricultural science
  11. Prioritize investments in education, training and the development of human capital to ensure a workforce capable of meeting the growing demands of food and agriculture science.
  12. Develop and apply integrated advancement in technology needed to feed a growing and hungry world.
  13. Foster collaboration and assist communities in creating quality next generation quality of life
  14. States and local communities to support infrastructure in rural prosperity, innovation and entrepreneurial activity

All of the above are great individually and terrific as a combined effort.  Although, in areas where we believe the processed high fructose foods which are completely degrading to the human being, and we continually allow the production them, how can the carrot, pepper, cucumber or strawberry have a chance?  And our health be well?

  • Cheap corn = cheap high fructose corn syrup = fat = diabesity
  • Pesticides + Chemical fertilizers = toxic soil and toxic water

The farm bill, it determines which crops will be subsidized and which will not, and in the case of the Carrot vs. Twinkie, the farm bill as currently written offers a lot more support to the cake than to the root. Like most processed foods, the Twinkie is basically a clever arrangement of carbohydrates and fats teased out of corn, soybeans, and wheat; three of the five commodity crops that the farm bill supports, to the tune of some $25 billion a year

The USDA purchases milk from the dairy farmers and when they do not buy enough or what they agreed to buy, there is negative impact to those farmers.  I am interested in how this came to be and how a business is managed with a dependency of this kind.

And, on top of all of this, Farmers pay 38% of crop insurance premiums, with the feds paying the remaining 62%.  If this were the case for farmers who support the human being, by growing food which we consume directly (the carrot, tomato, pepper…) I would have no issue with it at all, taking into consideration our current state of health and disease in our country.

With all of this said, If we trust in Science, Scientists, JAMA, BMJ or evidential results which have human being centered health and wellness at its core, then back to Dr. Dunn’s comments.  If Non-Ag or medical educated professionals in the industry or position to make a positive well-informed comprehensive recommendation or decision, then this is great for all of us.  It is called project management.   Know what needs to be done, how it should be best done, know what your resources are (not just people) and develop the plan and execute it.  Adjust as needed.

Thanks for reading and acting in our best interest.


Raised on a 20 acre farm with all the animals in rural Indiana. I picked up rocks out of farm field before planting season, cooked in a pancake house for a couple years, worked in a factory, joined the Navy, back to the factory then College. I took for granted the simple natural (and unnatural) foods we grew that we raised, and the snacks and cereals we bought. I had a hard working mother I love, even now that she is gone, and a there but not there father. It went by so fast. I sincerely believe we can reintroduce the local farms that sustain and bring together communities. I am looking for sincere individuals to assist me with pursuing my passion to bring a business model to community, prove concept and make it work. Then reeducate the generations.

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